DNX Industries is an industrial robotics laboratory developing modular robotic platforms.


DNX Industries (Previously DNX Robotics) is based out of the Ozark Mountains, founded by Macleod Sawyer in 2017.



We are a full-stack industrial laboratory specializing in modular robotic platforms for the agriculture, construction, and security industries. Over the years we have developed our own suite of software, hardware, embedded systems, applications, algorithms, development tools, and more for a tight-knit fully operable robotic platform from start to finish.


We are a security research laboratory developing modular secure communications and gateway software platforms. By deploying and managing our own local-first E2EE intranet explorations and secure storage vaults we hope to change the way our users (and the world) interact with each other in a secure, user-first, data-safe, encrypted way by default..


We are privately funded, but open to investment opportunities, please get in contact with [email protected] for more information.